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  Home Designs will guide you through a step-by-step process to help you design your new home, remodeling or commercial designing project a pleasurable experience. Your deposit (retainer) sets up your account and places you on our work schedule. We will give you an approximate time when your Phase I preliminary drawings will be completed.

Phase I: This includes preliminary floor plans derived from the discussion of our initial meetings. It is highly recommended that we walk your property before we begin your project. Traffic flow, square footage, and thoughts of exterior styling will be our main objectives during the floor plan layout. Key elements will be brought to your attention and you will be given a copy to take home for your review. Please take your time and mark down any questions directly on this preliminary floor plan (approx. 3-4 weeks).

Phase II: Bring your marked up print. We will discuss your ideas and answer your questions. Your input is the key element in developing the plan that is right for you. Changes to the floor plan and preliminary elevations will now be drawn with the ideas, any photos, or sample elevations, etc. that you can provide. Upon completion of this phase, you will have a good impression of your new home! You will be given a scaled preliminary set of floor plan(s) with dimensions, all exterior elevations, basement or walkout (if applicable) and site plan (if provided by us). We urge you to take enough time to thoroughly study your plans. Mark any changes directly on the plans for discussion at our next meeting.

Phase III: This includes final discussion and final changes to the plan before commencement of working drawings! When this stage is complete, this is the perfect time for you to talk to a builder or two! They may be very helpful with some general estimates and other input during the design process. This stage is important for all final changes in order to avoid costly alternatives after the commencement of working drawings or after final plans have been completed.

Phase IV: When you are ready to turn in your final markups, we will have  a meeting to review all your questions and any other information you would like us to detail on your drawings. Location of special electrical items should be noted (such as paddle fans and recessed fixtures) as well as hardwood and tile floors, window manufacturers may be specified, built-ins, etc. should all be noted!

Your Final Construction Drawings will include to scale: an architectural site plan (if applicable), a foundation plan, all floor plans with electrical layout and structural details, four elevations, typical wall sections, roof plan (if necessary), and eight sets of final blueprints.

We include a trip to the job site within a 60 mile radius of St. Clair, at your request, to meet with your builder or rough carpenter - usually when rough carpentry commences and we are available by phone during construction for you and your builder to field any questions. Home Designs makes every effort to include all details to meet or exceed current state and local building codes. However, interpretations to the codes and municipalities may vary. We cannot be responsible for unforeseen code changes but we will make necessary changes to meet the code requirements for building permits (if necessary) in a timely fashion.

We look forward to working with you! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Gerald Fournier - Home Designs
Professional Member (AIBD)
American Institute of Building Design



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